Welcome to A Million Miles From Anywhere!

Thank you for coming to my site! It's a pleasure to have you here. Who am I, you may wonder?

I am Chris Ward, creator and owner of AMMFA Publishing. The name of my publishing company comes from the title of an-all-but forgotten song I wrote many years ago in my bedroom. And as a British person currently living very far from home, it has always seemed appropriate.

I began writing around the same time I learned to hold a pen, and I still have some very shoddy early days writings in both pen and on typewriter. Since 2012, however, I have been publishing online, and now have more than 50 titles available, across a variety of pen names.

All the authors you find listed on the AMMFA Publishing website are me in various guises. Never one to follow the same road, I write everything from dystopian science fiction (Chris Ward) to sweet holiday romance (CP Ward), sports fiction (Michael White), and twisty mystery (Jack Benton). Eventually, all my work under various names will be found here.

Please look around and take a look at anything you fancy.

And if you have any specific questions, please get in touch at chrisward (at mark) amillionmilesfromanywhere.net.


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