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Autumn at the Willow River Guesthouse

Autumn at the Willow River Guesthouse

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Lily Markham is having a hard time of things. In the space of a week, she loses her job, breaks up with her cheating boyfriend, and is kicked out of her London flat. With her world crashing down, Lily does the only thing she can: retreat to her charming hometown of Willow River to lick her wounds.

There, with autumn leaves falling and the air turning cool, Lily takes a job in her uncle’s guesthouse, develops a friendship with a reclusive novelist, and starts to rebuild her life. And when she meets someone from her past, love could be floating on the cool autumn breeze …

Full of the warmth, humour and romance that CP Ward’s readers have come to love, 
Autumn at Willow River Guesthouse is perfect reading for a cool autumn day.
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