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Summer at Harbour View House

Summer at Harbour View House

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After losing her flat to a fire, thirty-something and single Natasha Bright’s fortunes appear to be on the rise when a friend asks her to look after a beachside summerhouse in the quaint Cornish village of Penkoe for a few weeks.

Together with Hannah Lucas, her bubbly and equally-homeless neighbour, Natasha sets off for her Cornish paradise. However, the promised glass palace turns out to be … well, less so, it rains endlessly, the village is a nightmare of oddball locals, and the man next-door is a chauvinist pig.

Only as Natasha and Hannah begin to delve deeper, meeting handsome locals Davey and Ben, and uncovering a years-old grudge which threatens the village’s very existence, do they start to understand just what it is they have found, and how Penkoe just might be a paradise after all…

From the much-loved author of Christmas at the Marshmallow Café, Summer at Blue Sands Cove, and Autumn in Sycamore Park, comes this third volume in CP Ward’s Glorious Summer series, full of humour, excitement, and just a little romance.
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